Ongoing System Update: Sign-in Not Possible

Ongoing System Update: Sign-in Not Possible
          First off, your credits are still active. Your info is safe (because we do not collect any).  Any active accounts will be rewarded handsomely for this downtime.

   That said, we have identified some flaws in our software and had to disable login in order to fix them.  It appears that the same company that targeted rubratings is now targeting us, so we are beefing up security.  Please bear with us while we bulletproof our system. We built this site to give providers a safe alternative to advertising on a website that is not working with state departments. Too many of our friends were arrested when using a popular rub website and miraculously, that website access data was provided to authorities.  This pissed us off! So we banded together to do something about it and now we have Unfortunately. This same authority-connected website is still really popular sites and they want us to disappear, we won't. We believe in providers' rights and are here to move our industry forward and keep women safe. Please bear with us while we upgrade of systems.  In the mean time, 

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